Sunday, October 5, 2008

Appearance in Wetten Dass...

Carla Bruni made an appearance in the Wetten Dass' Thomas Gottschalk show in Germany yesterday, 4th October 2008. She sang L'Amoreuse (in what seems to be a playback, though) and chatted with fashion icon and Chanel Designer Karl Lagerfeld. Karl and Carla have been friends for long due to Carla's previous modelling facet. He spoke about Carla for Vanity Fair not long ago:

She’s imaginative, clever, educated. She knows how to behave. She speaks many languages. It must be an embarrassment for the wives of other heads of state to see this beautiful creature who can wear anything and speak like that.

YouTube: L'Amoreuse, at Wetten Dass
Pictures from Daylife

Friday, September 26, 2008

Carla in Grand Journal

Carla was in the Grand Journal show live, where she shared jokes and laughs with the hosts. John Galliano, Dior's designer, Carla's friend and fashion advisor since her marriage, was also there. As an anecdote, another one who was 'there' was Nicolas Sarkozy, as they showed a clip taken that same morning when the president attended his duties where they told him his wife was going to be in their show, to which he replied he was going to watch it. Following his comment, the host decided to encourage the audience to say 'Goodnight, Mr President', much to the amusement of Carla.

You can watch the clip of Carla's appearance in Gran Journal at Pure by clicking here.

Carla in New York

Carla was in New York with her husband to attend several meetings and events relating to poverty, the rates of death during maternity and other several diplomatic issues.
Carla met with Queen Rania of Jordan and Wendi Murdoch, wife of media tycoon, to discuss poverty in the Hotel Carlyle of New York in the Upper East side. The three ladies were photographed after having dinner in the roof's terrace of the hotel. Later on, she attended a gala dinner for the
Elie Wiesel foundation with her husband, where Mr Sarkozy received a prize for humanitarian cooperation. Carla wore a blue gala gown by Dior, who also dressed her for her visit to the Metropolitan Museum for the White House Symposium on Advancing Global Literacy luncheon on September 22, 2008. Together, they visited the Guggenheim museum.

Carla, Rania and Wendi in New York (Vogue)

As seen, they also incorporated in their tight schedule some cultural tourism. They were seen jogging together followed by their bodyguards, you can see a picture in the Hola link below. Carla received praise by the media when she visited the UN session with her husband. 'Some other First Ladies prefer the boutiques in Fifth Avenue, Carla is different', they claimed. She chose a professional diplomatic cut suit for the UN visit.

Update: Carla also visited the 'Appeal of Conscience Foundation', where she wore a flattering little black dress. The Sarkozy's were also seen out for a walk together after their engagements. Some pictures of this activities are included in the Gala gallery of the visit to New York.

Hola: Several pictures of the couple's visit to New York
Photos of the visit to the UN General Assembly
Photos of the EW Gala dinner
Photos of the lunch with Laura Bush at the Metropolitan Museum
With Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Carla's demand, rejected

Carla's petition for a lawsuit against her ex partner, Raphael Enthoven, was rejected yesterday. Carla suggested that Raphael should not have made public details about the private life of their son, Aurelien, to Ici Paris and Closer magazines. According to the tribunals, the public interest in Aurelien is Carla's fault, as she spoke about him a few times previously.

Source: La Vanguardia

Carla performs for BBC2 at Jools Holland's show

Carla Bruni, the singer, presented her new CD, Comme si de rien n'etait, live in the 'Later with Jools Holland' show. Wearing an Yves St Laurent suit, she sang 'Tu es ma came' after a short interview with Jools. While she was supposed to be the 'support' of a concert with Kings of Leon and Metallica, the French First Lady stole the show. She mentioned that she is capable of being a First Lady and being a singer at the same time, which she emphasized in many interviews before saying that 'she doesn't think that a woman should leave her job when she marries'. She also mentioned Nicolas' support.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to Carla Bruni Watchers!

I always found Carla Bruni a delightful lady and just months after her wedding to Mr Sarkozy, I decided to create a blog to keep all the information about her outings, events, activities in one place. This blog is dedicated entirely to informing on what Carla is up to for all those who, like me, enjoy seeing her everytime she steps into the scene in all her glittery amazingness.