Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mother Xmas

Carla gives out Christmas presents to children, yesterday in the Elysee

Picture: El Mundo

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carla visits child hospital

Carla visited today the Raymond Poincaré (Garches) hospital to deliver presents to the children who are hospitalized there. Her foundation, Fondation Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, is also giving a sum of 73000 Euros to improve the wellfare of children in the hospital and their families. The fund will be used to install computers, a cinema, a unit for handicapped children so that children can learn and enjoy while at hospitals.

Carla to collaborate in David Bowie tribute

Yes, as you hear it. Carla will participate in a tribute to be released in May 2010 to David Bowie of which the donations will go to the War Child foundation. Charlotte Gainsbourg will also be involved.

Carla's interview for Sept à Huit

Carla has been interviewed by Sept à Huit where she explained different questions on her relationship with Nicolas and her life as First Lady.

She mentioned in the interview how she is happier living with Nicolas than alone, how she keeps a close relationship with Bernadette Chirac, reexplained that she has nothing to do with the politics of her husband... she also took the time to reply to the polls saying that the French do not relate fully with her and Nicolas saying that perhaps it is all about the "glamorous" pictures that go out, but that in reality it's not like that. We know Carla how you have been in disguise visiting the SAMU recently, so we believe you (check the video of Carla's visit to the SAMU by clicking here or the link below)! She also spoke about her work against AIDS.

Check out the video of Carla's interview in French
Check out Carla's visit to SAMU

Carla visits the SAMU social

Carla's homeless friend

We have come across another lovely story by Carla Bruni explaining how she regularly meets a friend of hers called Denis who lives in the streets. Denis confirmed this information to and mentioned that Carla asked him to participate singing in one of her albums. Apparently, Carla and Denis have similar music tastes and she visits him regularly and they talk about music and literature.

Denis also confirmed he refused Carla's offer to live in a hotel during the winter because he "wouldn't know what to do surrounded by 4 walls". He also referred to Carla as a "great lady".

Read the article in spanish here

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Carla's personal workout

We have always wondered what Carla does to look so good. We have recently found out that she follows the "Tectonic Workout" method by Julie Imperiali. Julie also trains Mr Sarkozy and helped him lose 4 kg since the start. The method focuses on physical, psychological wellbeing as well as alimentation. You can watch Carla talking about her workout in French in this video.

To read more on Julie Imperiali's method, click here.

Julie Imperiali: Interview de Carla Bruni - kewego
Carla Bruni nous donne ses impressions concernant la méthode Tectonic qu'elle utilise pour rester en forme depuis plus de 3 ans avec Julie

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moroccan Xmas for Nicolas and Carla

According to Le Parisien and Aujourd'hui newspapers, the French presidential couple will spend next Christmas in Morocco, under the invitation of His Majesty the King of Morocco. The Couple is due to stay in one of the King's palace. This invitation is apparently a "thank you" invitation from the King, who was deeply touched by the invitation for the couple to have tea at their residence when the King's brother was hospitalised in Paris last october. We hope this will strengthen French-Moroccan relationships and hope to see Carla soon on an official trip to Morocco, perhaps as a visitor to one of the King's sisters or the King's wife, who are sometimes involved in international campaigns. Lalla Salma, the King's wife, works on cancer research and cancer awareness following her mother's death from this illness.

Read the article by Le Figaro

Friday, December 4, 2009

World AIDS Day 2009

Carla participated in an interview with Michel Kazatchkine to be aired in a few countries on the World AIDS Day 2009, last Monday 1st December. The first lady also produced an official statement which you can read in her official webpage, in Le Monde (French) and in the FT (English). A great gallery of the interview shooting and behind-the-scenes pictures can be checked out here.

In order to highlight the current state of HIV and AIDS globally, as well as the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the Global Fund’s Ambassador for the protection of mothers and children against AIDS, and Professor Michel Kazatchkine, the Global Fund’s Executive Director, made a number of joint media appearances for World AIDS Day.
Official information on the interview was included in the Global Fund webpage. You can view the complete interview by Carla by clicking here or in the link provided below or Spanish newspaper El Pais has also included a full transcript (Spanish).

Regarding the question on whether Carla's involvement had to do because of the death of her brother by this disease, she replied

"But my role with the global fund is really not linked to my brother's situation," she said. "My brother was lucky to live in France, to be treated in France, to have access to care, have access to the best hospitals. I am now a spokeswoman for people who have access to nothing."
Also interesting to read is this article on Carla's secret night visits to outskirts hospitals of Paris, which we already reported.

Full interview with Carla on the TV5MONDE website

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carla on the cover of MujerHoy

Picture by Mujer Hoy

Carla is on the cover of Spanish issue of Mujer Hoy in a great picture in an interview with the aim to promote AIDS day on 1st December. We are eager to find out what she will do on such an important date for her foundation and her work as first lady! Our first guest is that she will be present at a global UN initiative.

Carla visits school

Picture by Hola

Carla visited this week on Thursday a school in a neighbourhood of Paris of Gagny. The school proposed a scheme to involve students in music to stop childhood delinquency. Carla looked lovely in a simple outfit very much appropriate to not overshadow the event and appear close to the children who were delighted with such a visitor.

The visit has apparently to do with getting inspiration and finding a model for the activities she wishes to develop with her foundation, which aims to promote access to culture.

See more pictures at Hola

Carla spotted in jacket from GapKids

Carla looked perfect during her performance with Harry Connick Jr for Canal+. Newspaper La Tercera reports the jacket is actually from Stella McCartney’s kids collection for Gap. Carla sang “And I love her” with Harry, which is originally a song by The Beatles: the choice of using Stella McCartney is apparently a blink to Paul McCartney, Stella’s father, who belonged to the very popular pop group.

I love people that use things they just like, not minding if they are meant for women, for men or for kids. That is real style, and that’s something Carla knows a lot about.

You can see a picture of the performance and the jacket at La Tercera

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carla for Femme Actuelle

You have probably heard all about Carla's interview with Femme Actuelle (women magazine in France) and how Carla called Nicolas her chou-chou (sweet nickname for someone's husband or boyfriend). However, we just found this great link with all the videos of the interview by 5 Femme Actuelle readers to Carla, who talks about her foundation, her work, her life, her role as first lady (and also a video with her dogs!) and also more vanal things such as what she carries in her handbag. They also show the readers' opinions after meeting her.
It's in French but well worth a check even if you don't speak French!

Femme Actuelle

Recalling past interviews

It's not very often we see interviews of Carla, so I just thought of including some recent interviews of Carla. Carla sounds lovely in them. Enjoy!

And one on Carla explaining her latest album:
Part 1
Part 2

Carla's designers II

A recap on who designed Carla's best outfits
Pictures from Instyle

Carla wearing Hermes

Carla wearing Dior

Carla wearing Chanel

Carla wearing YSL

Carla wearing more Dior

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Carla in November

We have recently found out about the so many activities Carla was involved in during this last month by her oficial webpage, so here is a recap of what the lovely Mrs Bruni has been up to, apart from attending the Armistice Day as we reported earlier.

Visit to cancer research centre

The presidential couple visited the Paoli-Calmettes Institute in Marseille the 2nd November. President Sarkozy unveiled France's second national plan against cancer during a speech.

Gallery from Fotoglif

Gallery from Rex (includes a sweet picture of Carla embracing Mr Sarkozy)

Concert for donation to Fondation Giorgio Cini

Carla together with her mother and sister Valeria attended a concert in Venice on Tuesday night to commemorate the donation of Alberto Bruni-Tedeschi's musical archives to the Fondation Giorgio Cini. She looked lovely in a trench coat and sunglasses.

Gallery from Huffington Post

Revelations Lancome event

The brand Lancome supports the access of young students to art studies who otherwise would not be able to afford them. You can read more on the initiative at Carla’s official page. The first stage of the process started the last 12th November