Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Possible parenthood for 2011

France received the news this month that the couple may be planning to be parents in 2011. ABC reports that this may be in line with the 2012 elections, although we truly don't think so - Carla expressed her desire to be mum again earlier in her marriage with Nicholas.


Queen Rania compliments Carla

Queen Rania, one of the World's most powerful ladies according to Forbes, wrote in her Twitter account how she and her husband met with the French presidential couple. Rania said about Carla: "Carla of course, is gorgeous, inside & out." The two powerful couples met at Carla's summer house for an informal dinner. No other details surfaced.

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We love

The gorgeous white dress Carla wore for 14th July! She looked perfect in her Dior for the parade. Delight your sight with the pictures at Pure People.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carla and Nicholas' holidays in Cap Negre

Carla and Nicholas arrived some days ago at the Hyères-Toulon airport in France, where they will be spending some days off at Carla's summer residence near Marseille. While we don't like paparazzi's for them during holidays, it's great to see a bit more of them!

Here are some nice galleries of the couple soaking up the sun.
Hello Magazine
Pure People 1
Pure People 2

Carla update

Excuse my severe lack of updating, my fellow CarlaBruni-watchers. I have unfortunately been in a country where blogs are forbidden and therefore had no chance to update the blog with the great news on Carla. However, I still kept checking was was Carla up to, so here's the gossip. Here's a recap:

End of April 2009: Unfortunately, Carla's private pictures were stolen from her ex's house. The news came just after her official trip to Spain. None of them have been seen so far. You can read more at the Daily Mail.

D-Day: Carla attended the D-Day anniversary in Caen, where she looked faboulous meeting Mrs Obama and Mrs Brown. Check pictures at the Telegraph and Huffington post.

Plans for a new house: The Sarkozy's were planning to buy a house which belonged to the late Yves St-Laurent. Daily Mail has the scoop.

Carla vs. the Pope: Carla started a private battle with the Pope because of his views on contraception in Africa. Carla is a patron for UNAIDS.

Carla's 'chou chou': A private video of Carla and Sarkozy, 'captured by authorised magazine journalists, marks the first time that a French President and First Lady have been filmed sharing initimate moments in the Elysee Palace'. Check the video and read more here.

May 2009: Carla was named 'best hat wearer' :)

AirFrance disaster: The tragedy united the Sarkozy's and the people when they attended the funerals. They attended an ecumenical church service for relatives and families of the passengers of Air France's flight 447 that vanished over the Atlantic ocean, Wednesday June 3, 2009 in Paris. Daylife has pictures.

L'Aquila: Carla joined the G8 meeting in Italy late to show her annoyance at Silvio Berlusconi's critiques against her. She visited L'Aquila, where the earthquake occured (and to which she donated money) earlier in the year. Pictures can be seen at Getty.

Carla performed for Nelson Mandela: Carla was in New York to perform at the birthday celebrations for Nelson Mandela. Check her out of the Radio City Hall and when going out for dinner with her husband at Amaranth restaurant. Check her performance here.

Carla with Sarkozy out of hospital: Carla was there to help her husband out of Val de Grace military hospital earlier in the month when he suffered a 'minor' nerve attack, while exercising at La Lanterne, his weekend retreat near Versailles.