Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carla wants to have children with Nicolas

Carla announced that she would like to have children with Sarkozy to magazine Figaro Madame. She also said that she was unsure if it would be possible by biological means and did not rule out the possibility of adopting. "If they had left Aurelien (Bruni's son) in a small basket, like in a fairy tale, I would have loved him as much as I do now" said Carla.


Romantic weekend out for the Bruni-Sarkozy couple

Carla and Nicolas took some days off prior to their official visit to Mexico to enjoy the beaches and sights of Mexico. Before the couple starts their visit to the Latin American country, the couple spent some time in the beaches of Tamarindos and visted the Pyramids of Teotihuac√°n.

They are due to start their official visit tomorrow morning with a busy schedule, covering a meeting with their Mexican counterparts, Felipe Calderón and Margarita Zavala. After the meeting there will be a press conference. In the afternoon, the couple will attend a honour reception to French citizens living in Mexico at the French-Mexican Lyceum. In the evening, the couple will participate in a gala dinner given by Calderon and wife in honour of their guests.


Carla and Nicolas at A.R.T-JOY-LOVE Charity gala

Carla and Nicolas attended a A.R.T-JOY-LOVE Charity gala for Association Hadassah at the Pavillon d'Armenonville on March 5, 2009 in Paris. Carla sported a new haircut and a black and white ensemble with flats. It looks like she also received a present, a new bracelet, by the charity!

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