Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carla's interview for Sept à Huit

Carla has been interviewed by Sept à Huit where she explained different questions on her relationship with Nicolas and her life as First Lady.

She mentioned in the interview how she is happier living with Nicolas than alone, how she keeps a close relationship with Bernadette Chirac, reexplained that she has nothing to do with the politics of her husband... she also took the time to reply to the polls saying that the French do not relate fully with her and Nicolas saying that perhaps it is all about the "glamorous" pictures that go out, but that in reality it's not like that. We know Carla how you have been in disguise visiting the SAMU recently, so we believe you (check the video of Carla's visit to the SAMU by clicking here or the link below)! She also spoke about her work against AIDS.

Check out the video of Carla's interview in French
Check out Carla's visit to SAMU

Carla visits the SAMU social

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