Friday, December 4, 2009

World AIDS Day 2009

Carla participated in an interview with Michel Kazatchkine to be aired in a few countries on the World AIDS Day 2009, last Monday 1st December. The first lady also produced an official statement which you can read in her official webpage, in Le Monde (French) and in the FT (English). A great gallery of the interview shooting and behind-the-scenes pictures can be checked out here.

In order to highlight the current state of HIV and AIDS globally, as well as the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the Global Fund’s Ambassador for the protection of mothers and children against AIDS, and Professor Michel Kazatchkine, the Global Fund’s Executive Director, made a number of joint media appearances for World AIDS Day.
Official information on the interview was included in the Global Fund webpage. You can view the complete interview by Carla by clicking here or in the link provided below or Spanish newspaper El Pais has also included a full transcript (Spanish).

Regarding the question on whether Carla's involvement had to do because of the death of her brother by this disease, she replied

"But my role with the global fund is really not linked to my brother's situation," she said. "My brother was lucky to live in France, to be treated in France, to have access to care, have access to the best hospitals. I am now a spokeswoman for people who have access to nothing."
Also interesting to read is this article on Carla's secret night visits to outskirts hospitals of Paris, which we already reported.

Full interview with Carla on the TV5MONDE website

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