Thursday, April 30, 2009

More on Carla in Spain

Needless to say, Carla dominated the Spanish media these days. The Spanish loved every minute of her stay in Madrid and the newspapers were filled up on news on her. Apparently such interest also came as a surprise to her, who mentioned that she was overwhelmed by how well the Spanish press was treating her. She said before arriving that she loved Spain and wanted to arrive.

According to the press, Bruni wanted to meet privately with Princess Letizia. However, the King denied such meeting as the equal to Carla is the Queen and therefore that's who she met and visited the Reina Sofia with. It is unknown why Carla wanted to meet Letizia, but maybe she felt more comfortable with her as they are both around the same age.

An unfortunate incident happened while she was in Spain: some intimate photos of her romance period with Raphael Enthoven were stolen from his brother's flat. It was estimated that they can be worth thousands. No information on the contents was mentioned but it was said that Carla knew about the incident while in Spain. Perhaps that was the reason why we didn't see her after the first two days and she decided to stay in the hotel as a sign of discomfort. We shall see how the story ends...

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