Saturday, January 16, 2010

Solal Sarkozy is born

Jean Sarkozy and Jessica Sebaoun-Darty have become parents for the first time of a boy called Solal. Nicolas is now a grandfather and Carla is a half-grandmother!

We have read that Nicolas is thrilled and very happy with his grandson's name. Also, the press is telling the story of how Carla went shopping to buy the baby everything he needs in Bonpoint (nearly all the collection apparently!): the already-mum-of-one bought...

- a beige baby suit (96€), slippers (38,50€), a hat (24,50€), a t-shirt (50€), a pullover-trouser-shirt ensemble (156€), a body (35€) and socks (17,40€). She also bought a small bag (25€ to 75€).

Read more on the birth (in French) here!

Here's a couple of Nicolas and Carla with Jean and Jessica on holidays.

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