Monday, March 29, 2010

Carla, chief editor of Madame Figaro

Carla with the team and shooting in Palais de Tokyo (pictures from Le Figaro)

Carla has been this last week the chief editor of the women magazine Madame Figaro. In it, she features an interview with Bono from U2 and also her private causes such as analphabetism and AIDS.

On the ocassion the magazine had the First Lady answering questions by French people, she answered one per day on her favourite music, how interested she is in the environment, etc... Check out the different videos here (in French, although I will try to translate them soon!)

How does what people say affect you? « À quel point ce que l’on dit sur vous, vous touche ? » >>
How do you conciliate your life as an artist, first lady and wife-mother? « Comment arrivez-vous à concilier votre vie d’artiste, de première dame et de femme au foyer ? » >>
What is there in your MP3? « Qu’y a-t-il dans votre MP3 ? » >>
Are you interested in environment and ecology? « Êtes-vous une citoyenne écolo ? » >>
How do you conciliate a wardrobe of first lady and that of an artist? « Comment concilie-t-on un vestiaire de première dame et un vestiaire d’artiste ? » >>

Check out the pictures of the "behind the scenes"!

Read Carla's interview on the opportunity to direct the magazine (Google translate)

Official page: Carla Bruni, redactrice en chef

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